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If you have your USPA license or acquired the Solo status here with us, your are ready to FUNJUMP! Get your jump tickets and have fun with your skydiving friends, or get in one of our training programs to work your skills up... there is no fun without safety... either way, jump, Jump, JUMP!

100 Jump Block
100 rides to 13k at $24.50 each. Save $550!
50 Jump Block
50 rides to 13k at $26 each. Save $200!
10 Jump Block
10 rides to 13k at $28 each.
5 Jump Block
5 rides to 13k at $29 each.
13,000 ft
Single ticket to 13k.
18,000 ft
Single ticket to 18k. Ask about it at front desk.
Jump tickets and instructor fee per jump.


All advertised prices have a cash payment discount applied. Additional 5% applies over any other accepted payment methods.

Improve Your Skills

Get The Most Out Of Your Jumps

Canopy Piloting


There is a lot more to skydiving than just throwing ourselves out of the airplane, but like all new things, we need to improve our skills towards new techniques. We can help you with that, so check out our courses and get in touch with us.

Technological advancements of the modern ram-air canopy have brought with it a greater need for canopy control and understanding.  During this course you will learn the critical skills needed to safely fly and land your parachute. This course works for all levels of experience, whether you’re fresh off student status, needing to satisfy your B license requirements, wanting to explore your canopy’s performance potential or simply wanting to improve your landing skills.

Advanced Freefall

Basic belly flying skills keep you safe, and improving those skills gets you around for more interesting, challenging and fun jumps. Improve your body flying techniques and aim towards jumps you're going to remember.


Why fly only on your belly when you can fly fully vertical, on your back, standing, sitting or even head-down, just like the cool kids. But the faster you go, the more dangerous it gets. Learn how to handle yourself in those different types of position, and get into cool jumps with the proper technique.

Track & Angle Flight

From vertical to horizontal, tracking and angle jumps get you flying as an arrow, and your friends can join it too But now the challenge is totally different, so you gotta understand and approach the jump from different aspects of flight.

Camera Flyer

Either aiming towards a skydive career or just to be able to capture those amazing moments in freefall, jumping with cameras requires extra awareness, focus and technique. Learn how to assess a camera jump and how to make it happen like a PRO!