Safety Briefing

Safety & Operation guidelines for all people jumping here, either as a student or solo jumper, aimed towards everyone’s safety. Violations might result in temporary or permanent suspension, according to the severity of each situation. Any situation not listed here is subject to safety ruling by the DZ Owner and DZ Manager/S&TA.

Hollister Canopy Flight & Landing Pattern

Safety Guidelines

Check In

Every person that is here to skydive or go on a ride along must check in at the front desk and undergo all necessary administrative and safety procedures, before being cleared to jump.

Be Current

Be current and up to date with USPA membership, and therefore abide by all USPA and FAA regulations. Re-currency/refresher course will be required if not current.

Safety Briefing

Undergo safety briefing regarding all matters about jump clearance, airplane procedures, freefall, navigation and landing, before being cleared to jump.

Operations Briefing

Undergo operations briefing, regarding all matters about packing, boarding calls and procedures, landing and ride back to the DZ, before being cleared to jump.

Gear Check

If having own gear, present the gear for safety and currency checks.


Every load will have one of Skydive Hollister’s instructors as loadmaster. Get to know who is he/she, present yourself and state your jump intentions. It is mandatory to comply with all loadmaster’s instructions, with the penalty risk of being prohibited to jump on next load, rest of the day or more, depending on the situation and risk involved.


According to FAA regulation, each person is required to have its own seat belt buckled onto his/her harness, during take-off and landing. The seatbelt can be removed only after 1.500ft.

Airplane Seats

For better flight load and seatbelt disposition, ALL skydivers must be seated facing the tail of the airplane. Make sure you know where every seatbelt is, and that you buckle the correct one for your position.

Airplane Door

The airplane’s door must be closed during the entire flight, from takeoff to jump run. If for some reason the door needs to be opened mid flight, first ask for pilot authorization, check and secure all gear and pilot chutes, and then completely open the door only if allowed. The door should never be open partially. Handle door by the middle, close it down gently.

Tail Wing

Beware the tail wing of the airplane, MAKE SURE to always exit AWAY and DOWN. If you jump UP you will HIT the tail wing, very likely killing yourself and possibly everyone else inside the airplane.

Warning Lights

The airplane has warning lights inside by the door. You should be aware that: - ALL OFF - Ongoing flight. - FLASHING - 2 minutes to jump run. - YELLOW - Open door and spot (optional) - GREEN - Ok to jump, check spot. - RED - Close door / NO Jump.


In order to help with the aircraft operation, there are “shout-outs” for the pilot: - “LADDER IS UP” - Last person boarding the airplane shout out to the pilot as soon as everything is good to go and the ladder is off the plane. Others inside the plane should repeat the shout-out. - “JUMPERS AWAY” - Person closer to the door should shout out to the pilot as soon as the last skydiver for that jump run has jumped and cleared out the airplane. Others inside the plane should repeat the shout-out. - “DOOR” - Whenever cleared to open the door, the person handling it should shout-out to all people on-board before opening it.

Landing Area

Be aware of the specific areas for tandem and swooping landings at the LZ, keep your navigation pattern away from those areas, or in accordance with them if you are allowed to land at those spots. There is also a hang-gliding ground launch device at location that should be avoided.


BE AWARE THAT LZ IS 350 FEET HIGHER THAN THE AIRPORT. SET AADS AND ALTIMETERS OFFSET ACCORDINGLY. Recommended offset for AADs to about +450 feet, due to jumps made over hills around landing area.

Dust Devils

Not common but possible, they must be avoided by landing away from it, preferably up wind from it to make sure it won’t blow towards you. When dust devils are sighted at the landing area, BLUE FLAGS signaling might be in place by a ground crew member standing in the center of the bare ground close to the gate, as of: - POINTING TO IT: a rolled flag pointing up and a flapping flag parallel to the ground pointing towards the dust devil. - INSIDE IT: both flags pointing up if person inside the dust devil.

Van Ride Back

After landing at the LZ, you may take the VAN shuttle back. VAN leaves 5 minutes after the last parachute landing. If you are the last one, hurry up in benefit of everyone else. SEATBELT USE IS MANDATORY. You may also arrange your own ride back, with family or friends, so you can be at your own pace.


Packing your own rig allowed at outside packing area by the main office location. Do NOT pack rental gears. Do NOT pack any gear on other people’s lawn or entrances, the location is not appropriate, it is not polite, you can get in trouble with property owners, and that will NOT be supported by Skydive Hollister’s policy.

Personal Belongings

Skydive Hollister is not responsible for any of your personal gear, accessories, items, belongings or anything left or forgotten at the dropzone facilities, being that the airport, landing area, shuttles, airplane, or any other place or vehicle used during operations.