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Be the STAR of your own action movie, witness glorious coastal views of Monterey Bay, San Francisco, San Jose & Silicon Valley city lines, and experience the top-notch, no-holds-barred, end-all-be-all most excellent activity on Earth.


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Overcome Your FEAR

Face the challenges, come out renewed and reassured as the Master Of Yourself. Step away from your comfort zone, see the world from a different perspective, refresh your soul, enjoy the excitement and the feeling of accomplishment.

Celebrate LIFE

Turn your special occasion into an extraordinary experience! Celebrate achievements, birthdays, graduation, milestones, or simply get the bucket list going for some serious fun.

Bucket List

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Welcome to Skydive Silicon Valley, the premier San Francisco Bay Area skydiving facility. 




Skydive Silicon Valley is a unique VIP center for skydiving, conveniently located only 25 minutes from downtown San Jose, we are the nearest skydiving center from anywhere in the Bay Area. Operating for over 25 years, our dropzone offers a range of experiences whatever is your expertise.

Whether you're a fresh-faced skydiving newbie or a veteran of the skies, Skydive Silicon Valley and Skydive Hollister have something for you. First time skydiving? It's a tandem jump for you! Learn about tandem sky diving here.

Want to learn to skydive? We are an official USPA (United States Parachute Center) Training Center. Our AFF courses will prepare you for freefalling solo at any USPA DZ around the world. Learn about our Accelerated FreeFall programs here!

Experienced skydiver? We offer skydiving coaching, jump tickets, and gear rentals. We fly a PAC750XL that seats up to 16 so yes, there's always room for sport jumpers and we love to have you guys around. We even have a page for you too. Here it is.

In 2020, Skydive Hollister is becoming Skydive Silicon Valley, and we are beginning a new era of San Francisco Bay Area skydiving at our beautiful new location in the San Martin Airport. We're closer to SF than we've ever been! Under new ownership since 2017, Skydive Silicon Valley promises to offer breathtaking views, exceptional service, and unforgettable skydiving adventures! Learn more about the owners here.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Skydive Hollister and Skydive Silicon Valley makes skydiving in California easy and convenient. Located right at Highway 101, just 1 hour south of San Francisco, we are SF's closest tandem skydiving center. If you're ready for the adventure of a lifetime, let the highly experienced staff of professionals at Skydive Hollister and Skydive Silicon Valley get you into the air above the Pacific Coast. This is California skydiving at its best!

Our specialty at Skydive Hollister and Skydive Silicon Valley is the first time skydiving experience. If you search  "skydiving near me" to make your first jump, there is no better place to do it than here. Our experienced skydiving instructors, breathtaking coastal views and easy access from San Francisco, Monterey, San Jose, and Santa Cruz have made us the #1 choice for skydiving CA!

We believe that skydiving is a life-changing experience and our team is fully dedicated to provide you the ultimate experience. From your booking to your parachute landing, our USPA rated instructors and professional staff will take care of you and providing a safe and student-friendly environment. Also: bring your dog, we do!