What's the nearest place to go see your friend's first tandem skydive landing?

Get directions to Skydive Hollister's landing area and back to the office!

Skydiving is, without a doubt, an extreme outdoor sport. And a sporting event like a tandem skydive is not complete without a group of fans cheering from the sidelines, right? That’s where you come in! Watching your friend or family members’ first time tandem skydiving experience near as you can be, your presence and support adds a whole new level of excitement and satisfaction. When they are coming in on their parachute for landing, pumped full of adrenaline and pure awe at the new feelings and experiences tucked into their belt, once they see your familiar face your own excitement just adds to theirs! It’s also comforting to see someone you know after experiencing such a brand new feat. Thank you for coming along to cheer on your loved one(s) for their jump at Skydive Hollister and Skydive Silicon Valley.

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Directions to the Landing Zone

From Skydive Hollister (18 minutes/11 miles):

Head Southeast down Skylane Dr

Left on Airport Dr at Seabrisa's Eatery

Exit the airport by turning right on San Felipe Rd/CA156BUS

In about 1.3 miles, turn left on McCloskey Rd

In 2 miles, turn right at the dead end onto Fairview Rd.

After 3.5 miles, turn left on Airline Hwy/Route 25

After about 3 miles, pass through Tres Pinos

If you have time, stop by the 19th hole for a bite!

Otherwise, turn left onto Quien Sabe Rd

(If you see the Catholic Church on your right, you've gone about 400 feet too far)

in 0.2 miles the Landing Zone will be on your right.


Alternate directions through Hollister (20 minutes/10 miles):

Turn right onto San Felipe Rd

In 1.6 miles, turn left onto Route 25/Airline Hwy

(pass by GameStop on the right)

In about 8 miles turn left onto Quien Sabe Rd

Skydive Hollister Landing Zone will be on your right


Directions to Skydive Hollister-

From Landing Zone (18 minutes/11 miles):

Head Southwest on Quien Sabe Rd

Turn right on Airline Hwy/Route 25

Turn right onto Fairview Ave

Turn left onto McCloskey Rd

Turn right onto San Felipe Rd

Turn left onto Airport Dr

Right onto Skylane Dr at Seabrisa's Eatery

You're back at Skydive Hollister!


Alternate directions (20 minutes/10 miles):

Turn right onto Airline Hwy/Route 25

(pass by GameStop on the right)

Turn right onto San Felipe Rd/CA-156BUS

Turn left on Airport Dr

Right at Skylane Dr

Go down to the end and you're back!

Landing Zone - Skydive Hollister

532 Quien Sabe Rd, Hollister, CA 95023

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