Overalls - Relative Work (TR)

The TR - Relative Work (or FQL) model performs its function as effectively as every athlete or team expects. Through the process of continuous improvement (Kaizen), we develop technologies that aim to surpass the performance of each of your jumps!
Offering ready-made solutions and closed packages is not enough ... The big challenge of Zoomer Suit overalls  is customization, thus meeting the specific needs of each athlete.

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The V2_08 Booties were developed through a partnership of SkyTec / Zoomer Suit with Brazilian athletes, who seek constant innovation! This flight tool greatly increases performance for those looking for maneuvers that require high speed and total control (no inertia) when starting and stopping movements. The result is increased score within the official jumping time, agile movement and faster response to maneuvers.
Some benefits you get from purchasing your Zoomer Suit jumpsuit:


  • Certified raw material ensures the durability of Zoomer Suit overalls;

  • 18 years in the market, generates credibility;

  • Specialized, highly trained and up-to-date workmanship ensures the impeccable finish that only Zoomer Suit has (proven).

  • Respect the delivery time, which brings peace of mind to the customer.

  • Efficient after-sales for your comfort, meeting your expectations and needs.

  • Continuous innovation (Kaizen and Kaikaku) to provide flight differential for you and your entire team.

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Zoomer Suit ® Overalls

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The FreeFly jumpsuit is the athlete's indispensable high-performance flight tool.

The new model for FreeFly, made by ZOOMER SUIT, had as development partners the entire TEST DUMMIES team from Boituva.

This jumpsuit uses neoprene in the joints and back, which makes it a "hybrid" product, and can be used in both free fall and wind tunnel training. The neoprene has a rubberized film, preventing air from passing through, especially in the back, when training in BACK FLY. This way the jumpsuit doesn't stretch or inflate like when wearing jumpsuits with spandex, supplex or lycra on the back.

The mini-grips option makes the jumpsuit ready for VRW mode.

Reinforced with cordura and parapac in the most contact and wear-prone areas, this jumpsuit in addition to its bold design is also extremely sturdy!

Details are the highlight of this product! Totally "velcro free".

Your name or nickname can be embroidered on the neck of the jumpsuit, too!