Have you seen all the sights California has to offer? Are you sure?


Even if you’ve lived in California all your life, if you’ve never seen the view from the sky, you haven’t seen anything at all.


San Jose, San Francisco, Monterey; these are big cities with a lot to look at. Why not save some time and check out everything at once?


You can do that while skydiving at Skydive Hollister.


Centrally located near Santa Cruz, Monterey, and the Bay Area, Skydive Hollister is your perfect all-in-one scenic tour of San Francisco and the Monterey Bay Area. Check skydiving off your bucket list, and multiple sights off your to-see list.


You only get one first time tandem skydive, so do yourself a favor and add skydiving at Skydive Hollister to your day trip bay area itinerary.

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