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Skydive Hollister takes a unique approach to training new skydivers; the focus is on you! Skydive Hollister's AFF program prepares you for wingsuit piloting, precision flying, formation skydiving, vertical flying and high-speed parachute flight. Once you earn your California skydiving license, you’ll be on your way to the perfect skydiving experience at Skydive Hollister and beyond.

AFF is a seven level in-air freefall-coaching program. It is the safest and most progressive way to get your California skydiving license and become a solo skydiver. Each level provides opportunity to learn new canopy piloting and freefall skills that will help progress you to the ultimate goal of becoming a solo licensed skydiver.

Learn to solo skydive from experienced instructors

You're only seven skydives away from solo certification

Travel the world, jump at any and every dropzone