Power Tool is now in COLORS!!!The Power Tool will help to close your main container, replace line stow bands, ease in 3-ring assembly and slider bumper installation.Better yet, you can wear it as a necklace or ankle bracelet when you are done.The Power Tool is a rigger designed tool made specifically for closing your main container without getting those uncomfortable cuts from pull-up cords.The stainless steel handle has a double finger trapped Spectra line that is made to easily remove from one end of the handle in order to pass through main closing loop. The stainless steel handle allows for maximum pulling leverage while not being uncomfortable on your hands. With the addition of other applications that the Power tool can be used for, it makes it an invaluable accessory for any skydiver.Shipping Weight: 6 oz. (170g)Skydive Hollister is an authorized distributor of skydiving gear and Paragear products. Prices may be subject to change.

Power Packing Tool

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