The G4 Helmet is certified to a Skydiving and Wind Tunnel Helmet Standard.

To achieve this standard, helmets must pass Impact and Snag Resistance testing.

Differences Between the G3 and G4:

Certified to XP S 72-600

Same superior viewing area

Better internal design for a better fit

Easier fitting of audible altimeters

The back offers more coverage for protection

More protection around the temple area as the visor mechanism is also thinner

The mechanism is similar in operation but designed to offer no maintenance

A lot quieter as it seals better in all areas and the exterior shape is sleek and smooth by design

No glue holding the chin curtain in place

Cooler due to the ventilation design

Ventilation control can be adjusted by the user

One visor fits all G4 helmets sizes


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Cookie G4 Helmet Headgear

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