Welcome to the G3 headgear, Cookie's latest release full-face headgear and a result of significant refinement of the previous full-face headgear.The G3 features the original VMech Visor Locking System that works unlike any other in the industry. The system makes for easy opening and positive locking of the headgear visor.The visor is 2mm polycarbonate and features a complex curved design for extra strength, unsurpassed field of view and an anti-fog coating.The headgear's cinching system is simple and secure, adjustment can be made to customize the headgear fit and once locked down just throw the headgear on and jump.The G3 headgear features a unique choice of replaceable Mouth Pieces depending on your needs. The Slim Mouth Piece is used for jumpers who require or prefer the mouth to be visible in freefall. This option is ideal for instructors or tunnel use. The second is a Contoured Mouth Piece used to direct your breath through the front vent of the headgear. This option is ideal for jumpers in humid of fogging conditions. Note that the headgear ships with both Mouth Pieces as standard.The new High Impact ABS headgear shell makes the already durable headgear almost indestructible. The G3 also incorporates D3O in the headgear liner.The G3 comes with inside pockets on the right and left for audibles.Skydive Hollister is an authorized distributor of Cookie gear and Paragear products. Prices may be subject to change.


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Cookie G3 Helmet Headgear