First Time Skydiving

Tandem Skydive

Your Life Changing Experience


It’s probably been on your bucket list for years. Maybe you want to celebrate an important milestone, or maybe you’re an adventure seeker like us! Whatever your reason, your first time skydiving is guaranteed to be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

High Altitude Tandem Skydive


The High Altitude Tandem Skydive is the ultimate first time skydiving experience. If you're an intrepid adventure seeker, looking to push up the boundaries to encounter an uplifting, once in a lifetime adventure, then a High Altitude Tandem Skydive skydive might be for you.


Media Services


Nothing beats the thrill of free falling! Trust us, we've seen this plenty of times, when you land, you’ll definitely want to relive or share your experience with your friends and family. Our media jump set-up  can help you do exactly that by capturing each second of your skydiving experience with high definition digital action cameras.

Be the HERO of your own adventure movie!



All advertised prices have a cash payment discount applied. Additional 5% applies over any other accepted payment methods.

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