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AFF - Accelerated Freefall Program

Become A Licensed Skydiver

AFF programs operate under USPA’s safety-oriented Integrated Student Program (ISP), in which we teach students the necessary skills to become a skydiver through a series of jumps in 8 categories (A-H). After that, we can coach your work along the 25 jumps required to earn your initial “A” skydiving license.

'A' License Pack 



  • First Jump Course: 8 hours of ground school

  • AFF Progression Jumps (7 jumps): Categories A to E, briefing & debriefing, complete gear rental

  • 17 Jump Passes: airplane ride to altitude

  • 17 Gear Rentals: parachute system, helmet, jumpsuit, post-jump pack

  • 1 Coach Jump: check dive for 'A' license requirements

  • Packing Class

  • Brand New Skydiving Gear: analog altimeter, protective eye goggles, 500 jumps logbook​​ with room to write down points to remember

Bundle price: $2,999. Save over $350!

Premium Pack

Graduate Pack

First Solo Jump


USPA Safety Requirements

Category progression according to student's performance. USPA safety regulations require student to stay current within 30 days, otherwise refresher course and re-jumps are required.



All advertised prices have a cash payment discount applied. Additional 5% applies on any other accepted payment methods.

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