Tandem Skydiving First Jump

It’s probably been on your bucket list for years!


Maybe you want to celebrate an important milestone, or maybe you’re an adventure seeker like us.


Whatever your reason, your first time skydiving is guaranteed to be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Tandem Skydive $218

  • 13,000 feet tandem jump

  • 15 minutes scenic flight to altitude

  • 60 seconds of freefall

  • 5 minutes parachute ride down

  • Weekday Discount: $20 OFF

Deluxe Video & Photos $119

  • Instructor Handcam Selfie Angle

  • 1080 HD Superview Videos

  • 50+ Photos

  • Delivery to your Phone & PC



8,000 feet Tandem Jump



It Was

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The High Altitude Tandem Skydive is the ultimate tandem skydiving experience, aimed towards those intrepid adventure seekers, looking to push up the boundaries to encounter an uplifting adventure.


On top of the regular training, you get special instructions about breathing supplemental oxygen, required for airplane ride to altitude because of thinner air.


  • 18,000 feet tandem jump

  • 25 minutes scenic flight to altitude

  • OVER 1 MINUTE of freefall

  • 5 minutes parachute ride down

  • Supplemental oxygen

  • 18K Club Award Certificate


Special Video & Photos Packages


PRO Video & Photos $148

  • Scenic Angle Videographer

  • 1080 HD Superview Videos

  • 50+ Photos

VIP Photos & Videos $198

  • PRO + HC Package Deal

  • Scenic & Selfie Angles

  • 1080 HD Superview Videos

  • 100+ Photos

HandiCam Budget Pack $99

  • Media Captured from Selfie Perspective

  • Photos Only

  • 50+ Photos

  • Add Video Option for $20 more

About Tandem Skydive

A Life Changing Experience

If you’re ready to take the leap, you're on the right path. For over 25 years, Skydive Hollister's experienced team has had the privilege of accompanying tens of thousands of guests on their first skydive. When you jump with us, you can rest assured knowing that you are skydiving with experienced USPA certified instructors conducting every aspect of your jump with the utmost safety.

For your first time skydiving, we typically recommend a tandem skydive. Tandem skydiving allows you to experience the thrill of skydiving with no previous experience required. You'll be paired with a highly experienced tandem skydiving instructors who will take care of your entire skydive.

On your first jump, we literally have your back. Your first skydive will be a tandem jump. You will be attached via four-point harness to a professional tandem instructor. After free falling for up to 90 seconds and taking in the incredible California coastal views, your tandem instructor will deploy the parachute at around 5000 feet above the ground. The fun continues with a 5-7 minute (depending on winds) scenic parachute ride and a smooth, easy landing.

The best way to experience your first jump is through tandem skydiving. You’ll get to experience both freefall and parachute descent in the safest environment; a taste of all of the best skydiving has to offer. You are to be an active participant in the jump, flying your body through the air in tandem with your flight instructor.

Tandem skydiving is like jumping with training wheels (kind of), but instead of wheels you have an actual training person. Your first tandem skydive enables you to fully participate in the entire experience while not needing to worry about knowing everything that's going on. Your instructor provides the necessary safety controls so that you can focus on a fun, stress-free, amazing experience.




All advertised prices have a cash payment discount applied. Additional 5% applies over any other accepted payment methods.

All media prices have a $20 pre-jump bonus, expiring after the jump.