Getting You Up in the Air

If you are under the impression that skydiving is an expensive hobby, then think again. Skydive Hollister in Hollister, CA offers fun jumps, solo, and tandem skydives at great prices. We are
passionate about skydiving and we want to share it with all those who want to feel the thrill of free falling. We will offer you all the necessary equipment, accessories, and training to make your skydiving experience memorable.  

Tandem Jumps

No training necessary! The tandem skydive is our introductory jump. As high as 18,000 feet and as cheap as $99. The highest and cheapest jumps in the world!  

AFF - Get Solo! 

Learn how to fly!  

This series of seven jumps under your own parachute will get you from civilian to skydiver in time for the weekend.  

Packages available!  

Fun Jump

Cheapest slots in the bay  

The cheapest slots in the San Francisco Bay Area. The most efficient plane in the world and
a shortbus. 

Katie 's Tandem Jump  

Katie took the plunge! Book your tandem skydive today on the site or give us a call at

February Compilation 

This is the February drop zone compilation of footage we collected from our community.
Enjoy watching! 


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Open 7 days a week from Sun up
to Sundown. 

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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skydiver, we’ll schedule your skydive at your convenience.
Call us to set up an appointment.